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Here are some of the services that we provide.

Honouring Life

In the wake of a loved one's passing, the weight of grief can feel almost unbearable. Yet, in the midst of the darkness, there is a glimmer of light: the opportunity to honour the life of the one we have lost. Through tears and heartache, we can find solace in celebrating the memories and experiences that made our loved one so special.Whether it be through a heartfelt eulogy, a touching memorial service, or a simple moment of reflection, we can pay tribute to the person who has left us. We can share stories, reminisce about the good times, and hold on to the love that will always endure. Though their physical presence may be gone, the impact of their life will live on in the hearts and minds of all those who knew them. Let us honour their legacy with every moment we live, and cherish the memories we hold dear.
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Honouring Life
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Cremation Services

Services can be conducted either at a church, our funeral home chapel, at the crematorium chapel or at any other venue that family request. We can assist with bookings at all of these venues.We can also arrange to release the ashes of your loved one over land or sea by boat, plane, sky diving or hot air balloons.
Cremation Services
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Our Church

We are blessed to have a small, cozy church located right here on our premises in Hurstville. This charming little sanctuary radiates warmth and comfort, providing the perfect setting for you and your loved ones to bid a fond farewell to your dear departed family member. It offers an intimate space where you can gather to celebrate the life of your loved one and say your final goodbyes in privacy. We hope that our lovely church will bring you peace and solace during this difficult time.
Our Church
Designing and printing memorial cards

Memorial cards for loved ones who have passed away is a meaningful way to honour their memory. The card should be designed with care, featuring a personal quote, image or photo. High-quality printing and paper stock will ensure a beautiful final product that attendees can keep as a cherished keepsake, providing them with a physical reminder of the funeral service and allowing them to continue to remember their loved one.
Designing and printing memorial cards
PRE-PAID FUNERALS ( coming soon )

Contact us for help with prepaid funerals. We offer two options: a Pre-paid Funeral Plan and a Pre-arranged Funeral Plan.

With a Pre-paid Funeral Plan,
you can lock in the cost of the funeral with your preferred Funeral Director. This means you enter a pre-paid funeral contract and won't have to pay any more for the funeral.

A Pre-arranged Funeral Plan,
lets you put money aside for future funeral expenses. This way, you can contribute towards the costs of the funeral. Planning ahead for a funeral can benefit you in several ways. You can discuss your wishes with your Funeral Director, have peace of mind knowing the financial details are taken care of, and may even improve your pension entitlements. Pre-paying or investing in a funeral bond can help with this. It also removes planning and financial stress for loved ones during their time of loss.
Pre - Paid Funerals ( coming soon )
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Personalised Celebrations of life

Every funeral is unique. Everyone grieves in a different way. There is no right or wrong way. Some grieve and struggle with intense and painful emotions and others deal with death by celebrating their loved one’s life. However, that does not mean that they are not grieving. Every funeral should be tailored to the wishes of the grieving family or at the wishes of the deceased.Whatever someone does for the deceased is an act of love as the deceased rely on us to lay them to rest. That is why it is important for someone to be able to honour their loved one’s life the way they think is best, as we are all individuals and the person that we are laying to rest is unique.Some families may do things in a very conservative way and others may wish to have a colourful celebration taking the deceased at home with family members around, telling stories, reminiscing, eating and drinking.
Flower Arrangements
Flowers on a grave
We offer all types of burials. These include traditional burials, above ground burials, private burials and sea burials.

We assist in choosing: Church Other venues Celebrant Cemetery and Plot selection.

Above ground burials
We assist in choosing: Church Celebrant Cemetery and vault selection All bodies are embalmed to the highest standard by professional embalmers.

Private burial sites
Assistance is provided in burials on private rural land including the design and building of private vaults.
Our team will take care and lodge all necessary documentation for council approval.

Sea Burials
We offer sea burials for your loved one.
Our team will take care of all the necessary documentation.
Your departed loved ones are prepared on our premises to the highest standard by qualified embalmers and morticians, with the utmost care and respect for human dignity.
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We liaise with all state and federal government departments including transportation companies, the receiving funeral director and Consulate Offices of the country involved in assisting you in recovering or transferring your loved one. During your time of grief after losing a loved one, our team will handle all necessary documentation alleviating all stressful concerns. With this service your loved one is embalmed at the highest standard by professional embalmers according to the customary, cultural and other requirements of the country of destination.We handle all the necessary documentation and bureaucratic requirements on your behalf.

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We work with you through the Process

The 4 steps For Best Results

When we lose someone we love, it can feel as though our world has shattered into a million pieces. In the midst of our grief, we are tasked with the painful process of arranging a funeral. Though the journey may be difficult, there are steps we can take to honour our loved one and ease our own burden.

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First, we must seek out the guidance of a compassionate funeral director. In the initial consultation with us, You can share our wishes and learn about the options available to you. From there, we can make reservations for the ceremony and select the necessary items, such as caskets or urns, that will provide a final resting place for our loved one.

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The second step is to take time to reflect on the life of the one you have lost. We can gather photos and mementos, write eulogies, and plan tributes that will celebrate their unique legacy. By pouring our hearts into these tasks, You can find a measure of comfort and healing in the midst of your grief.

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The third step is to reach out to friends and family, inviting them to join us in saying goodbye. We can share the details of the funeral service, and provide support and comfort to those who are also mourning.

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Finally, you must allow yourself to feel the full weight of our emotions as you say goodbye to your loved one. Whether it be through tears or laughter, You must give ourselves the space to grieve and process your loss. In doing so, You can find a measure of peace and acceptance, and carry with all other family and friends the memories and love that will endure long after the funeral has ended.

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We provide high quality & cost effective funeral services

  • At ocean Funerals, we offer advice and coordinating the details Constructing a detailed funeral day timeline Vendor recommendations, negotiations and bookings
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Let us organise the funeral that your deceased loved one, would have wanted.

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